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Tom Phelan


Frank Molloy, an expatriate and a former priest, returns to Ireland to the village of Davinkill. It is the town where he grew up, the town that decades earlier sent him out into the world as a newly ordained priest, the town that was scandalized when he left the priesthood–and the Church–and the town where his own brother has long since disowned him.

Eddie Keegan, Frank's childhood friend, remained in Davinkill–and in the priesthood. But Father Keegan looks down on his congregation, experiencing feelings of revulsion as he serves them communion. And in his haunted memory, a ghastly crime has festered for years.

In Davinkill, social sanctity hides a lie. But now, past and present must meet and confront one another.

From the Reviews

"This is a novel about religion, families, sex, guilt and joy–with a "whodunnit" narrative that keeps you reading to the last page…Iscariot promises suspense, darkness and redemption–it delivers."
–Cork Examiner

"Tom Phelan's second novel leaves us in no doubt about his talent as a keen…observer of humanity…Tom Phelan’s world is tempered with a warm, forgiving humanity."
–Sunday Tribune

"Tom Phelan’s impressive second novel is sometimes moving…always gripping." –An Phoblacht

"An outstanding novel reflecting the human realities of priestly celibacy today." –Leinster Express


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ISBN: 0 86322 246 3
Hardcover and paperback published
by Brandon Books
Kindle edition published by Glanvil Press,
Freeport, New York